Redelegate domain name

Redelegation of a domain name means moving the domain name from present DNS servers to future DNS servers.

A DNS server is a computer that keeps track of domain names and the IP-address that are attached to the domain name.

The DNS servers for your domain name are typically administered by your ISP.

DNS servers for .dk domain names must be approved by DK Hostmaster.

N.B. the domain name has to be found on the new DNS servers before you can order a redelegation.

Below you must enter the domain name that you want to redelegate and the name of the primary DNS server that you want to move the domain name to.

The name on the primary DNS server is provided by your new ISP.

Tip for name server manager: To send your redelegation request to us automatically, also directly from a browser, you need to specify the following parameters in your URL:

The entire URL should look like this (in one line):
Enter your domain name ( and the new primary DNS server.
Domain name:
Primary DNS server:

Please see the page about anonymous redelegation on our website.